Broadly speaking, my work explores how gendered processes influence decision-making. In particular, I am interested in how organizational practices can trigger or dampen gender differences in behavior. One line of my research studies how gender differences in risk-taking cause gender inequalities to emerge within organizational settings. Another line of study examines how decision contexts produce gender differences in the quality of decision-making. A final line of research explores how gendered processes—especially those that result from organizational practices—cause women and men to make systematically different decisions.

My work has implications for understanding how gender inequality is maintained in this era of falling formal barriers and women’s high level of educational attainment. Given that explicit discrimination against women has decreased, there is increased need for research that elucidates micro-level mechanisms that reinforce and recreate existing macro-level gender inequalities in society. This is especially true in respect to processes that depress women’s upward mobility, as the underrepresentation of women in positions of power and leadership remains one of the largest—and most stubborn—gender inequalities.

This work also has important implications for organizations in an economy that is increasingly powered by intellectual capital. Given that my research explores the interaction between organizational processes and decision-making, it also provides insight into which organizational practices produce the best decisions and harness the knowledge and abilities of all members of the organization.

I employ a mixed-methods approach in which I use experimental studies, quantitative data sets of test performance, hiring data from organizations, qualitative survey responses, and longitudinal survey data. A core strength of my research is its interdisciplinary nature, as it draws on and contributes to research on gender, organizational behavior, decision analysis, leadership, and social psychology. 

Below, you can find PDF copies of some of my research articles.