I am strongly committed to excellence in teaching and mentoring. My core strengths as an instructor include my focus on improving critical thinking, training on the evaluation of evidence, and teaching my students skills that they can use outside the classroom. 

Currently, I am an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Kent State University where I teach Advanced Data Analysis (the capstone statistical methods course for Sociology graduate students, which covers structural equation modeling and models for binary, ordinal, categorical, and count dependent variables) and Social Problems (an introductory Sociology course for undergraduates).
At Stanford, I was the instructor of Sociology of Gender, Teaching Development (a course for graduate students about how to effectively teach undergraduates), Social Psychology and Economics (an original course that I created and designed), and Inequality and the Workplace (as an independent study adviser). As an undergraduate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I was one of five seniors allowed to design and teach their own class—mine was Current Economic Problems and Challenges to Economic Theory

I have also amassed diverse experiences as a teaching assistant (TA). In Stanford’s Sociology Department, I was a TA for Interpersonal RelationsSociology of Gender, Foundations of Social Research (a methods course for undergraduates), and Introduction to Urban Studies. At Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, I was a TA for The Global Context of Management, International Business, and New World Global Business. At the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I was an undergraduate TA for both Introduction to Economics and Food and Culture (an Honors seminar). Beyond this, I have been paid as a course research design assistant at the Clayman Institute for Gender Research to help develop Why So Few? Gender Diversity and Leadership.

As a mentor, I work to empower students by giving them confidence in their abilities and talents, engaging them in research, and providing them with skills and experiences to help them achieve their goals. 

I have uniformly received high ratings in my student evaluations as both an instructor and a teaching assistant. My commitment to teaching was recognized in 2011 by the Stanford Sociology Department, when I received the Cilker Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Above: Teaching Sociology of Gender in the winter quarter of 2014 at Stanford. Thanks to Jeff Sheng for the terrific photograph!